Ivan Titov

ititov (at) inf.ed.ac.uk, IF 3.28

Professor and Personal Chair in Natural Language Processing, ILCC, School of Informatics, University of Edinburgh, UK and also a faculty member (UHD) at ILLC, University of Amsterdam, Netherlands.

My recent research has primarily focused on machine learning for natural language processing (NLP), specifically on

  • natural language understanding (question answering, information extraction, and semantic parsing);

  • improving generalization across tasks and data distributions;

  • interpretability and controlability of deep learning models.

My research team had been supported by grants from ERC, NWO (VIDI), Google, SAP, Yandex, Booking.com and Amazon.

I was a program co-chair at ICLR 2021 and CoNLL 2018. I am also an action editor for the journal of machine learning research (JMLR) and Transactions of ACL (TACL), an ELLIS fellow and co-direct their NLP program. At Edinburgh, I co-direct the Centre for Doctoral Training in NLP (apply!) and Edinburgh ELLIS unit.